We provide a warm, caring, and nurturing environment, which enables each child to grow and learn at their own pace.

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Our Rochester locations are merging!

Discover Magical Moments Daycare Center is excited to announce that effective June 3, we will be merging both of our daycare centers in Northwest Rochester to our location at 2790 Commerce Drive NW.

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Rochester MN Daycare Programs

At Discover Magical Moments Daycare, each classroom Teacher, Assistant Teacher, and Aide incorporate learning outcomes into their monthly curriculums.

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Rochester MN Daycare Center Reviews

Discover Magical Moments is one of the highest rated Daycare Centers in Rochester Minnesota. Please read what our wonderful parents are saying.

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Rochester MN Daycare Location

Discover Magical Moments Daycare is a licensed Daycare Facility in Northwest Rochester Minnesota.

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Rochester Minnesota Daycare Center

Dayce Care Center:Rochester MNDiscover Magical Moments Daycare offers a professional and inviting atmosphere for children where parents are always welcome. Our professional staff is aware that families today have different stressors that are unique to their situation and we need to individualize each child’s care to meet their needs. Discover Magical Moments Daycare Center is here to help families become an important part of their child’s care team which supports the parents as the child’s first and most important teacher/role model, strong home to center communication, to build a foundation of knowledge for each child to feel confident and supported as they move onto their primary school years, to provide highly qualified teaching staff in each classroom environment, and to have a safe and comforting place where families do not have to worry about their children throughout their work day.

What Our Daycare Center Offers

Discover Magical Moments Daycare offers structured lesson plans based on the MN approved Creative Curriculum from Teaching Strategies and the Early Childhood Indicators of Progress: MN Early Learning Standards. Creative Curriculum links curriculum and assessment in a continuing cycle for the parent / teacher team to build on to meet each child’s needs. This continuing cycle includes planning for assessment, collecting facts, analyzing and evaluating facts (within the parent/teacher team), planning for each child’s success within the group, and reporting on each child’s progress. Creative Curriculum goals and objectives address four areas of development – social/emotional, physical, cognitive, and language. Our professional teachers work with each family to find what works for their child in the classroom setting.

“Discover Magical Moments serves the ages from 6 weeks to 5 years”

MN Pre-kindergarten Program

Pre-kindergarten Program

All pre-kindergarten children experience our kindergarten readiness program the year prior to entering kindergarten. This program is one of our most popular with both the children and their parents. Our pre-kindergarten program works on all of the essential skills needed to enter kindergarten the following fall. The daily schedule follows that of a kindergarten classroom, and the curriculum is very similar to what the children will experience once they actually enter kindergarten the next fall. This program has received great reviews and parents state they believe this program has reduced the stress level for their child entering school.

Rochester MN Child Care Plans

Individualized Child Care Plans for Families

Discover Magical Moments staff also offers individualized child care plans for families examples include but not limited to: toilet training for toddlers and early preschoolers, ADHD care, Asthma, Epilepsy, Sight, Hearing, Allergies to Foods, behavior plans, etc. Daily communication is extremely valued at Discover Magical Moments sends home written daily sheets each day (infant thru preschool) as well as encouraging parents to verbally communicate with teacher both in the morning and evening.

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