Our Daycare Programs

Program Overview

Rochester MN Daycare ProgramsAt Discover Magical Moments Daycare, each classroom Teacher, Assistant Teacher, and Aide incorporate learning outcomes into their monthly curriculums, which is then reviewed by the Director of the Center prior to being put into place for the month. Our learning outcomes include a wide variety of learning activities constructed from the NAEYC guidelines, Minnesota Early Learning Standards, and Creative Curriculums. Parents are encouraged to visit at any time, share their input on daily classroom activities, as well as take part in our many special events throughout the year such as: lunch with the children, field trips, picnics, Holiday parties, etc.

Health and Safety

Discover Magical Moments staff members are trained annually in the following areas: MN State Alerts for child care workers, behavior guidance policies, emergency and accident policies and records, center health policies, maltreatment of minors mandated reporting policy, nap and rest policy, policy information for parents, child care program plans, SIDS, risk reduction training, AHT, shaken baby, OSHA, blood borne pathogens, hand washing, medication administration, fire/tornado drills, licensing rule 3, etc. Along with CPR (infant, child, and adult) and First Aid. Our center staff and maintenance person ensures that our center is cleaned according to procedures each and every day by filling out daily cleaning checklists after each task is completed. These checklists are double checked each day by management and turned in at the end of each week.

Our Standards

MN Early Learning StandardsWe do not have a cleaning service hired, that way we are sure that the cleaning is done to our standards. Our standards are higher than are required by the State of MN licensing. We have found this has greatly cut down on our illnesses throughout the year. Both the Public Health Nurse and our Nurse Consultant have praised us on the low numbers of illnesses we have in a year’s time. We believe it is due to our staff going above and beyond our cleaning and sanitizing procedures we have in place. All staff members are trained in each area of our health and safety policies and procedures along with our cleaning and sanitizing procedures annually.

Educational Tools

  • Children's Computer
  • Wide Book Variety
  • Culture Awareness Items
  • Music in Motion
  • Cooking Classes
  • Field Trips
  • Kindergarten Readiness
  • Wildlife (Zoo) Exposure
  • Career Topics
  • Puzzles
  • Art and Creative Expression

Learning Standards

MN Early Learning Standards